Ochs Rent a Car LLC is dedicated to bring customer in all areas of North America the high value of customer service we have to offer customer will making their rental experience convenient, fast and cost efficient. To be able to continue our expansion of services to other areas in the United States we have several different programs to fit in with your current business model.

If you are already helping your customers get rental cars from other competitors or if you have a huge request of rental cars from your customer or if you just want to expand your business with a profitable revenue stream then this is perfect for your. Click below on the different models we offer to learn more and apply for Consideration of a Partnership Location

We are Currently working on building some great information for you to view, But we know this is very exciting so if you cant wait for our IT department and marketing to complete these sites please email us for more information at [email protected], we wont have cool videos but we will have all the info you will need. Come join the Ochs Family!!!

The Different Models we currently offer are:

  • Stand Alone location (Info coming soon)
  • Auto Body Edition ( Info Coming soon)
  • Dealership Edition ( Info Coming soon)
  • Hotel Edition ( Info Coming soon)